McAfee focus a great deal of energy on marketing to large national and multinational enterprises. They encourage staff to take up a special enterprise offer for their McAfee LiveSafe security product by purchasing online. This requires timely and cost-effective set up of personalised landing pages to facilitate conversion and to support their offline activity.  

Project Goals

After dealing for some time with off-shore resources, their global IT team, campaign launch delays and increasing costs, it was clear that the Australian based McAfee Enterprise Promotion team required a more efficient way of executing their online promotions.


We worked with the enterprise marketing team to uncover the key pain points in their current campaign deployment process. These included high cost of bespoke development of campaign landing pages, lack of brand consistency between campaigns, replication of workload for international clients (amending currency and languages) and ability to quickly launch campaigns autonomously.

First we addressed the branding and UI issues to deliver a more engaging and brand-aligned experience for the user. We then designed and developed a template which could serve dynamic content depending on the language and currency of the recipient. A brief training session was all that was required to have McAfee deploying their own campaigns to multiple regions.

The Result

Finally the Australian Marketing teams were able to work autonomously without having to be reliant on off shore resources or the availability of their global IT support team. This gave them the freedom to roll-out promotional campaigns internationally up to 10 times faster, while also easing budget pressures.