Creating an easier path to conversions for McAfee Total Protection

McAfee (formerly Intel Security) is one of the world’s leading independent cybersecurity companies with a range of business and consumer solutions that make the world a safer place.

Project Goals

The McAfee Consumer team was looking to create targeted, seasonal facebook campaigns locally to increase engagement with the brand and boost sales of their flagship Australian product – McAfee Total Protection. Periods included Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year and Back to School campaigns from December through to late January. The challenge was to overcome McAfee’s quite fragmented IT infrastructure and marketing supplier network. 

Our Approach

Freckle was able to consolidate branding, creative, design and web development under one roof and work collaboratively with the incumbent social media agency to streamline the path to launch for each of the seasonal campaigns. We produced segmented creative campaigns for each season, focusing on timely reminders to renew subscriptions. Assets included facebook advertising, banner advertising and carousel banners McAfee websites, and the design and development of segmented and localized landing pages. In addition, we provided ongoing local IT support to ensure the smooth execution of campaigns over the holiday period.

The Result

The combination of creative and development expertise in-house allowed us to create campaigns which had greater consistency and cut-through from the first click in the customer journey, through to point of purchase. McAfee commented that this was where they saw Freckle added most value to their marketing activities.