Breathing new life and relevance to an established brand.

The relevance and value of the long-time established Emla topical anaesthesia brand was being eroded because of lack of awareness and promotion to its GP target audience, despite being available in the market for the last 60 years.

Freckle were asked to strategically reposition the brand and seek out new sales and marketing opportunities that would help educate and engage the next generation of users, both HCPs and consumers, on the benefits of the Emla dermal patch.

The education component of the campaign was of critical importance to ensure correct and timely application of patches for maximum effectiveness.

Our Approach

Immunisation from an early age is recommended for all Australian children, protecting them from the most serious childhood infections, some of which may threaten their lives. However, administering vaccinations can be emotionally stressful to both parent and child.

The colourful and engaging ‘Relax about the Vaccs’ campaign was launched to help the GPs enable less stressful consultations. In simplifying the message, and softening the key imagery with illustrations, Emla was immediately repositioned as a simple, less clinical solution to the stress of vaccinations.

Freckle organized an integrated national campaign centered on a GP Toolkit to properly explain the benefits and correct application of an Emla patch. This was supported with direct mail, online marketing, competition management and display materials.

The Result

Impact on the market was immediate, with increases in sales through the country on the back of the campaign. We took care of the heavy lifting for the Emla team throughout the campaign, working with third party suppliers to manage printing and distribution. This left the marketing team with more time to focus on motivating sales teams and working on other initiatives and product lines.