Setting up Diversified Communications' digital marketing for future success


Project Goals

Our client, Diversified, was spending a lot of time with print-based tools to engage their audience – expensive tools that were not getting the response rates they desired. They needed a way to communicate more effectively, cut through the white noise and capture audience attention to gain greater engagement and more measurable ROI.

Campaign Elements:

  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Email Marketing Strategy
  • Training and Support

Our Approach

Diversified has an incredibly large database and a diverse portfolio of industry segments, from Waste and Recycling, to Food and Beverage, each with very different needs, and requiring a unique creative approach. 

By taking their generic print material and moving it into the digital environment, in this case email marketing, we successfully sparked a much more personal conversation with each of their target audiences – hitting them right in their inbox.

We reviewed the marketing teams requirements and designed module-based responsive templates to provide flexibility depending on content. By constantly reviewing campaigns and reports, we ensure that there is ongoing improvement to the way Diversified communicates with it's audience.


The Result

Freckle’s strategic email campaigns broadened the possibilities in the way Diversified communicated, creating personalised one-to-one interactions between their numerous different brands and customers that were more relevant and valuable. It wasn’t only the medium, but the content and key messaging which we integrated into the campaigns: from video links, to competitions and special offers.