When you’ve created something truly unique, don’t keep it to yourself. Tell people about it, spread the word. Share the vision.

Essilor is a world leader in corrective ophthalmic lenses and optical equipment with a strong commitment to improving visual health. They recently launched a breakthrough in progressive lens technology: the Varilux X series, which ensure crystal clear vision at arm’s length. Naturally, they wanted to communicate their creation to the opticians and optometrists in their network. 


Our Approach

Our team devised a ‘Marketing Xtension Program’, a solution that combines online convenience with a personal touch. It’s a neat little package: a digital resource kit containing a suite of marketing materials aimed at helping Essilor’s retailers to increase their online presence, engage with existing customers and encourage new ones into their practice. The kit comprised a comprehensive guide to running an online campaign, backed up by email marketing and direct mail. We filmed an introduction to the program explaining what the kit is and how it can be used – a great way to provide information and reassure less tech savvy end-users.  

Campaign Elements:

  • Strategy and Planning

  • Creative Direction

  • Art Direction

  • Video Production

  • Copywriting

The Result

The kit was hand-delivered to a retailer by an Essilor sales representative. This approach allowed our client to reach out and reconnect with their valued retailer network as well as provide some hands-on assistance with the Marketing Xtension Program, if required. 

Feedback from the marketing team at Essilor has been terrific and we look forward to sharing their vision for other eyewear products in the near future.