How to keep business animated over Christmas

A well timed, well designed and well executed seasonal message can build brand awareness and set you up for the new year.


Yep, it’s that time of year again. The Christmas squeeze is on – end-of-year fatigue is setting in and everyone needs everything done before Christmas.

It can be a tough time of year, but it can also be a great time to reach out to your customers, suppliers and colleagues to do some all-important brand, relationship and trust building.

Back in the day, you’d spend hours signing Christmas Cards and licking envelopes (what’s an envelope…?). And don’t get me wrong, your customers will still respond to that personal handwritten touch. In fact, with personal snail mail becoming a rarity; a well-designed, unique and brand-aligned Christmas Card can provide some much needed cut-through.

In 2017, a lot of communication is done on the run, so contact via email or messenger services is far more common – but it can be difficult to cut through. Creativity becomes your key weapon against inbox fatigue. Here are some things to consider for your seasonal communications.

Be Relevant

It’s Christmas, so be Christmassy. If your audience doesn’t do Christmas, then just be full of holiday cheer.

Be personal

Email is a personal medium – make personal references in your email using dynamic content and a segmented database. Perhaps mention the last project you worked on, or the next one after the holidays.

Be useful

Don’t just send a greeting card email. Add something useful to your email, such as a calendar link to your holiday trading hours, or a Christmas Shopping List.

Be Creative

This can make or break the recall of your brand over this busy period. Be funny, be naughty, do something which surprises your audience so that they remember and talk about you over the holidays. But make sure it’s on brand! Doing or saying something that is at odds with your brand values can cause big problems in the new year.

Be Animated - Literally

This is really part of being creative, but it is worth mentioning with regard to email, because animated GIFs are a relatively easy and festive way to create impact in the inbox. Just make sure the creative is well thought out and executed – and adheres to the last 4 points!

We would love to help you come up with a killer Christmas promotional idea or email campaign, so give us a call now to make sure it’s ready BEFORE CHRISTMAS!