CREATIVITY – meet function.

Design can captivate, inspire and marvel an audience, but without purpose it can be meaningless. Here at Freckle, we tap into our left and right brains to design intelligent communication that is both creative and functional.

We approach every brand with tenacity to uncover hidden gems – untold stories that are meaningful for people. We call this a brand’s ‘untapped value’. We then apply our purpose-driven design to reveal and celebrate these gems through branding, campaigns and events.

what we've been up to

Commitment and dedication to our business are the largest benefits of working with Freckle. They have a great understanding of our business and objectives and have become an extension of the marketing team
— Rebekah Murphy, Diversified Communications Australia

Revealing hidden gems


Some see a blank sheet of paper. Not us. We know that with a bit of skill and imagination, this sheet of paper’s untapped value will be revealed.

That’s how we approach every brand we work with – discovering hidden value and then celebrating it.