Repositioning TAS as an Innovator in Managed Services

TransAction Solutions (TAS) is a managed services provider who specialises in the finance sector. They approached us at a time when marketing their own services was a low priority. Their business goals, however, had shifted and they were looking to move into other verticals. 


We ran a full day exploratory session with the business leaders. Establishing the brand personality was key - how did they see themselves; how did they want to be perceived in the marketplace; who were they targeting and why; and ultimately what were their business goals. 

We felt that the brand needed to be a simple, strong and enduring presence. Forward thinking, connected, uncomplicated. A simple brand mark which could stand the test of time was developed, with a simple colour palette which showed a confidence which had been lacking in incumbent branding (or lack thereof). Creating the acronym TAS managed services enabled the company to declassify itself in readiness to push into markets outside the finance sector.

Developing key messaging to compliment the new brand, providing clear guidelines for use and following up the brand launch with targeted trade advertising was key to the success of the rollout.

The Result

The brand continues to thrive. The revitalised image not only helped TAS procure three new business partnerships within two years, but united the sales and technical teams under a banner they could be proud of – creating a culture of innovation and success.