Interview with a Freckle: Johnny Le

Johnny is the newest member of the Freckle team.   
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  After a few weeks of settling in, we thought we would sit down with him for an 'unterview', and get to know the person behind the CV.

Johnny is the newest member of the Freckle team. After a few weeks of settling in, we thought we would sit down with him for an 'unterview', and get to know the person behind the CV.

What do you tell people you do at awkward speed networking events?

I’m a visual communicator that specialises in branding, print and digital design who also knows my way around a camera. Outside of this, you’d probably find me on a bike, in a cafe or cooking in the kitchen.

Where were you before Freckle and why the change?

Before I started at Freckle, I worked as a designer within the property industry, creating branding and marketing collateral for property developers and small home builders. I also had a semi-illustrious career as a construction site photographer until I was replaced with a drone.

Sadly, the previous agency I worked at had to close down, but in a way it was a good opportunity to escape the property bubble and find out what else was out there in the world of design. The opportunity at Freckle was too good to pass up so I quickly jumped on it.

What are your greatest strengths and ‘quirknesses’?

I’m a naturally curious person who’s always looking for new and exciting things. I enjoy the experimenting in my design process, finding new approaches to create something unique. My quirkiness would have to be my absolute hate of velcro, it’s the nails on the blackboard for me.

Everyone has a good app idea, what's yours?

Sometimes I find myself in a “Ready, Steady Cook” situation at home, where I have a bunch of random ingredients and no idea what to make with them. My idea would be to enter those ingredients into the app, which would then come up with some recipes base off those ingredients. It’ll be a great way to save food and money. 

What could Freckle clients ask you about, that you could expertly talk about for three hours?

I could probably talk my head off for hours on the different types of paper stocks, print finishes and print production processes. I’m a big fan of tactility in design and how it can be used to create a deeper connection to a visual concept.

You're on death row, what's your last meal?

It would definitely be a bowl of ramen from a shop called Shin Shin in Fukuoka, Japan! I travelled an hour and a half on the Shinkansen to try it when I was travelling in Japan and it was the best I’ve ever had.

What will your ‘Freckfest’ talk be titled?

I’d call my Freckfast Talk “Connecting in a connected world”. In a world connected by social media, I’ve noticed that we’ve become distant in our face to face social interactions and have increasingly become socially isolated. So I want to explore ways we can get that face-to-face social interaction back.