Putting the human touch back in digital fulfilment

Every company has a unique combination of elements that make up the ‘real you’, that encourage people to connect and build relationships with you. Reflecting this personality through your brand is a huge opportunity.

Human Traffic is a division of A&A Digital Services. Founded by Amy McCormack in 2011, the original two-person start-up is now an Australian market leader specialising in the delivery and fulfilment of digital ad campaigns. Its ad ops team is highly skilled, relationship-driven, and on a mission to take the pain out of a complex area of activity. As the company has grown, so too has the need for a brand identity that reflects its unique personality. That’s where Freckle comes into the picture. 


We had already worked with Human Traffic on a few one-off assignments, but soon realised that there was more we could do to allow its personality to shine through its brand. Digital fulfilment can be seen as technical and faceless, but it has real people working behind the scenes. And these people have unique talents and traits. The Human Traffic team is highly professional and driven and, at the same time, fun-loving, sassy and independent; it is also mainly female. Our client wanted to highlight this human aspect. Additionally, as the company expands into Asia Pacific, they had concerns about the possible negative connotations of the name Human Traffic in a new market. It was time for a rebrand.

We initially worked on a series of Amojis (our clever play on the MD’s given name, Amy, and the classic emoji icons). These are personalised icons comprising an individual headshot and a shock of fuchsia hair for use by every member of the Human Traffic team, both in their email signatures or on name tags. The Amojis will also accompany team bios on the new company website. Amy, incidentally, used to have bright pink hair – providing the new designs with a nice injection of her personal brand. The bold, contemporary colour also reflects the personality of the Human Traffic team.

We also developed different variations of the Human Traffic and A&A Digital logos, with a focus on ensuring brand identity is retained as the business transitions away from the name Human Traffic towards the acronym, HT. The clean, modern designs reflect the company’s smooth, streamlined approach – taking the pain out of digital fulfillment and seeing things through to a successful conclusion.


The Result

Brand personality and brand identity go hand and hand in the shiny new Human Traffic rebrand, as the team presents a united visual front that looks professional and appropriate alongside partners such as Google, as they step up to the next level for their business.