we are designers of intelligent communication
(and believers in a better world)

Here at Freckle, we work with brands that have one thing in common – people are their purpose. Once we uncover a brand’s hidden gem and reveal that value to people, we’re helping create a better world. This gets us out of bed every morning – knowing we can enrich the lives of the people we work with and the people their brand connects with.

A few reasons why people like working with us.

Our streamlined structure

We keep things simple as far as hierarchy goes – there is none. Collaboration is more important to us. This means you won’t have layers of account managers between you and our senior designers. Chat to them directly, but be warned, they will chew your ear off about kerning if you let them. 

Only the best will do

We invest in senior designers with the skills and experience to design creative that builds brands and grows businesses. Your brand will be given the creative attention it deserves, from decades of experience. We jam-pack our Freckle Design Team full of heavy lifters so you can float through the process. 

We give a damn

When you start working with us, you’ll notice something very different from the agency you’re used to. It’s not the lack of ego, the focus on collaboration, or the small presence of hipster beards. It’s Accountability. We hold ourselves accountable for the effectiveness of every piece of creative.


smart, skilled and savvy

We are a family of senior designers and collaborators grounded in decades of experience, but we still get giddy about trying new things. A team of intelligent, hard-working, and talented problem-solvers with more punch than a bowl of juice. 

Tiffany frecklington

Director / Business Owner

Jacquie Synnott

Production Coordinator

Chris Low

Creative Director

Jim connolly

Senior Designer

fiona ladu


Johnny Le



Starting from the very first conversation, we get very acquainted with your brand, audience and the market. We ask questions, lots of questions. We explore every angle to reveal challenges to overcome and opportunities to embrace.



We identify your brand’s hidden value and start putting some structure around communicating it to the people who matter most. As we tap into this ‘untapped value’, we begin to reveal what significance it will have on your audience and your business.



This is where the magic happens. Imagination and innovation, guided by purpose, allows us to create unique, memorable and meaningful design. Our purpose-driven design builds brands that matter to the world and the people they connect with.