Project Details

Emla® is a simple-to-apply dermal anaesthetic available over-the-counter at pharmacies without a prescription. It minimises the stress associated with needles, minor skin surgery and minor cosmetic procedures. Research indicated that vaccinations can be a trying time for both parent and child. Despite their best efforts to soothe, and the doctor/nurse being as quick as they can, even the bravest of children can get very upset, resulting in a traumatic experience for everyone.

The solution was to create a fresh, approachable, soothing and fun personality for the brand.
“Relax about the Vaccs” was a fun, non-threatening campaign that instantly identified the key benefit of Emla® and the directive of the campaign – less discomfort for kids, less stress for parents – you can relax about your vaccination.

“Relax about the Vaccs” was loved by young mums in focus groups and the campaign was developed to be launched to not only consumers but healthcare professionals and pharmacies across Australia.

Key placement of literature was vital and Freckle worked with PharmaBroker to identify doctor’s surgeries where key stakeholders could be offered educational material useful to both them and their patients. Freckle developed a branded ‘Information Pack’ containing leaflets, pads, fridge magnets and posters to enable surgeries to promote the benefits of Emla®.

This Project Involved

Creative campaign development, Illustration, medical copy writing, focus-group testing, point-of-sale, intensive print and distribution campaign, web development, trade and consumer press advertising and exhibition stand design.

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The Results

Information packs were distributed nation-wide and feedback from HCPs, patients and even distributors was incredibly positive. It was a refreshing change from the dry sales material usually populating surgery waiting rooms.