Project Details

Entering it’s 27th year, the Dulux Colour Awards are a celebration of the intelligent and creative use of colour, where form, function and visual appeal combine to create amazing spaces and inspiring landmarks. Our task was to create a theme for the 2014 event which inspires industry members to submit entries but also builds on the long-standing brand reputation of the Dulux Colour Awards.

The theme reflects the duplicity of the industry, where engineering meets art and function meets aesthetics. To be truly successful, colour has to be part of the design decision from inception of form. It reflects form and complements structure, balancing the practical with the artistic. The hero image combines these concepts into a single illustration, showing how the addition of colour hasn’t physically changed the structure, but radically changes how it is perceived.

The phrase, Reflecting Form, is also a play on words eluding to how the awards reflect the “good form” of nominees in their chosen discipline.

This Project Involved

Conceptual development, brand development, targeted design content, animation development, trade press and digital advertising, event theming, printed and electronic direct mail development and implementation.

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The Results

The Awards received many nominations and a large turnout at the ceremony succeeded in cementing Dulux as an Industry leader in the innovative use of colour.